The Aviation Museum Archives are Run by the Nicest People in the World

Grandiose title aside, I had a wonderful time at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum doing some primary research. Last week I and some of my fellow HIST 5702X-ers went to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum to make use of their archives. My portion of our project relies heavily on primary sources, specifically images.

Being a Europeanist, this was my first real excursion to an archive, be it a small-scale facility, or a state-level institution. We were given a brief but informative tour of the collections we were using before being set loose. David, the gentleman helping us, was extremely friendly and was a wonderful source of information and assistance. My own work had me pouring over hundreds of images from the mid-to-late sixties, all of which focused on Air Canada’s promotional material. The whole experience was very helpful and allowed me to collect most, if not all of what I needed for the project. The next step is to compile it all and figure out how well it will work with our narrative. Thus-far I am pleased to see the project is progressing fairly well, although if my own experiences with the 3D rendering are indication of anything we may have some trouble actualizing our plans for a fully-functional beta.

– Alex


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